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Have you ever read Jewish folklore? The kind that teaches worldly wisdom and include the kind of rich and unique details that are so characteristic of an ancient culture? And how about Biblical stories? Have you ever though what would happen should you add to these a little fantasy, colour and family heritage? In Victor Brindatch’s work you may just find your answer.

The artist was born in Kharkiv in the year 1941, learned in the Odessa and School of Arts and Moscow University and has been living in Israel since 1993.

Since 1979, the very inception of his artistic path, Victor has been a storyteller. He has beed using many techniques to tell folklore, personal and national tales: paintings, sculptures, mosaics and sketches. These are populated by his characters who, as head director of the Kharkiv Philharmonic, playwright author and producer-director of many plays in Israel Grigoriy Grumberg said, “speak as if one is watching a play”.


Several cities in the former Soviet Union are home to some of his monumental works — mosaics, stained glass windows, and sculpted compositions.

Nowadays the artist resides in Israel and is a member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association. His art naturally reflects the story of his Aliya and the adjustments to this new environment. Many pieces, both singular and entire collections, tell the tale of Jewish history and culture in visual form (for instance, the collections “History of European Jewry” and “Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet”). But as journalist Peter Lukimson, who was astounded by the variety of Brindatch’s styles and techniques, noted: “It is rather difficult to determine to which school Victor Brindatch subscribes. He has many realistic works that have been meticulously painted, but also many which are an ode to more contemporary art trends as well as works that infuse more than one type of work.”

Victor Brindatch creates many of his works with the help of his partner Oxana, whise precise and delicate hand brings to life his marvellous and detail-saturated compositions. Oxana Ivanova Brokhorenko (Brindatch) was born in Ukraine in 1962. She studied art and became a painter. She met her Husband Victor and they have been working as a superb team ever since.


But, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So welcome to Victor Brindatch’s creative world.


Written by Mira Mirtzky.

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