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12 Tribes of Israel collection

Presented at the House-Museum Nicholas Roerich

Watch the full commentary by the Museum director, Petrenko Yelena Grigorevna:

12 Tribes of Israel Brindatch

In addition, the following commentary was given by Galina Podolsky:

"In his book, The Jewish War Josephus Flavius ​​quotes a story passed orally: 'God proclaimed victory in a battle with the help of twelve stones worn by the high priest on his chest in a breastplate. ... on every stone is the fate of the Jewish tribes ... The Book of Exodus'.


The Twelve Tribes of Israel by Victor Brindatch appeared in the world as a reminder of the artist's mission, who brought them from the world of prophecy to the age of the death of the thematic painting.

Victor created the collection The Twelve Tribes of Israel in the years 2011-2014. 

Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Gad, Asher, Naftali, Joseph, Benjamin - the land of Israel was bequeathed to them and their descendants.

In the work of Victor Brindacth, they seemed to appear into the world from a cosmic window - they appeared and, not being afraid of bloody prophecies, remained here, becoming the Creator's own people. And they built Jerusalem, which became a symbol of what is holy in the world.  The Twelve Tribes of Israel is a collection portraying the story The Blessing of Jacob by the modern Israeli artist.

Compositionally, the gemstones are a scarlet thread of color and meaning that unites Victor Brindatch's epic collection of paintings and sing hymns of light, beauty, and love.

The objects on the canvas are emotionally connected. They either float or soar in the weightlessness of the circle they have outlined. Each of the realities is conceptually saturated: a constellation, a gem, an emblem of a tribe. All this is tied into an associative fabric and at the same time represents a logical polyphony of the composition of the figurative structure of the monumental collection of Victor Brindatch."

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