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על אומני משפחת ברינדץ

עבודות נושא

אומנות בהזמנה אישית

הזמינו יצירה שלכם, של יקירכם או בכל נושא אחר

Featured Works


Terror Victims

In memory of all the terror victims throughout Israel's history


The letter Lamed

In the world of Judaica, both tradition and biblical (Tanach) stories are intertwined. The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are a unique example of that.


Ruth and Boaz themed work of the month: the biblical romance story of humble Ruth and kind Boaz.


Family Portrait

Still-life paintings and self-portraits have always been a classical way to express the feeling of an artist to the world that surrounds him.

Holocaust memorial

Star of David, the symbol that unites Jews all around the world and gives them hope, to never encounter such a catastrophe again!

wild animals plague

The 4th plague:

wild animals

The Tanach stories are coming to life in Brindatch's imposing creations!


My Family

The Russian-Israeli painter Victor Brindatch commemorates his precious family members.



Gates of the Old City of Jerusalem

The Kotel is the holiest place to the Jews. The gates of Jerusalem of gold are leading to the holy Kotel, where the temple (Beit Hamikdash) once stood. See Victor's interpretation of them!

Screen Shot 2020-10-13 at 20.21.31.png

12 Tribes of Israel

Victor's collection was presented at the House-Museum Nicholas Roerich in Odessa - See the amazing story behind the masterpiece.


Art Week Award

3rd place award

An art week in St.Petersburg. Vera on a Goat, Epoxy, 1998


Personal Portrait

The autobiography of Victor Brinatch by the art critic Galina Podolsky. Read parts online.

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תערוכות ופרסים



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